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When you visit and use this website the general terms and conditions apply.

Read the terms and conditions carefully before using our services. If you do not agree with one or more points of our Terms and Conditions, discontinue your visit please at this point.

This or future visits to this website and / or using our services implies that you accept these terms and conditions in full and without reservation.

Article 1: Definitions


Owner: ECCSUP, Chamber of commerce: CH-, Baarerstrasse 133, 6300, Zug, Switzerland, is the owner of the website www.eccsup.com. Hereinafter referred to as "owner" means.


Hyperlink: the primary purpose of links is to present information and to verify human users.


Website: Amedium for presenting information on the Internet.


User: the person visiting this Website and / or uses the services provided by Owner.


SSL certificate: this means that when the customer enters data into this website with an SSLcertificate, the information is encrypted by your browser, sent encrypted to the server hosting the website, and decrypted by the website. The cryptographic key (or cipher key, also known as a private key) is only known by the server the website is hosted on. This meansthat even if a third party was to obtain the information you sent to the website (first name, last name, credit card number and CCV!), with the most powerful hardware available today, it is theoretically impossible to decrypt without the cipher:

Article 2: Scope and nature of the Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply between Owner and the user.


These terms and conditions are applicable to the use of this website.


Order of validity: the general terms and conditions. In addition, the law of the European legislation, so far this has not been processed in the local law.


If any part of these General Terms and Conditions is invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The areas in question are converted into a coverage that is closest to the original purpose.

Article 3: Content and use of the website


The goal of this site is to support users that paid via Credit Card on one of our partner sites where we offer billing solutions for.


Use of this website and the services offered through this website are available for any person who is at least 18 years old. If you have not yet reached the age of 18 years, have objections to the content of this site and / or users of this site or the services offered or are located in a geographical area in which has forbidden access to the website or the use of services provided, we advise that you stop use of this website immediately.

Article 4: Liability


Owner makes every effort to make the website available at all the times and maintained through all available means.


The user may Owner in no way liable for losses due to maintenance, problems, interventions, changes or restrictions to the functionality or other things that have an impact on the availability of the Site or other services of Owner.

Article 5: Privacy, personal description and examination of the use


Owner can exercise the utmost care when it comes to the protection of personal data of users of this website.


During the visit to the site and / or use of the Services, information of the user will be logged. This information is necessary for the proper functioning of the website, the optimization / improvement of the website and other services of Owner. This information can be used for troubleshooting and / or monitoring of potential exceedances of the terms and conditions of the statutory provisions or for other things that Owner deems necessary.


Owner can exercise the utmost care when it comes to the protection of such information and will never share this information with third parties.


In exceedances or violations of the provisions in the Terms and Conditions, actions that violate the law and / or fraud, the account is blocked immediately and without warning and terminates the membership immediately. It will cause the forfeiture of acquired balances directly and irrevocably. The costs associated with this determination of abuse or fraud are placed on the user loads. This gives Owner the rightto transfer the damage suffered and resulting judicial and extrajudicial costs to the user.

Article 6: Payments


The contact Owner are decisive for the establishment of mandatory for payment amounts, unless the customer can demonstrate that these contact details are incorrect proven.


All fares are valid and binding for payment from the moment of entering into the agreement.


Note: The digital services purchased are valid for a maximum of 12 months.

Article 7: Revocation 7.1

To learn more about revocation please click here: https://eccsup.com/Revocation_CreditCard.pdf

Article 8: Complaint handling


All complaints in connection with the use of this website, quality or any other complaints will be treated seriously by Owner.


The user is encouraged to make a complaint in writing by e-mail with Owner identified.


Owner is required within 10 days trying to resolve the complaint. Owner will inform the users thereof in writing via e-mail.

Article 9: User conflicts


Since the site is not involved in the communication between users, in the case of disagreements with other users, you will clear the website and Owner from all claims, demands and damages (direct or indirect), in any form or mode known or unknown, suspected orunsuspected, disclosed or undisclosed resulting from or connected with these types of cases.

Article 10: Intellectual Property


No part of this site may be reproduced without written consent of Owner. The intellectual property rights in all text,images, sounds and software on this site belong Owner or its licensors.

Article 11: The prices and terms and conditions changes


Owner waives every form of liability for any adverseconsequences that may result from the changes made to the content of the Website or the Terms and Conditions from our partner sites.

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